I’m seeing a lot of complaints from fans about faves not getting enough airtime and/or soaps dropping stories, and here’s what I have to say about that: Be careful what you wish for.

GH has the biggest cast, so naturally it gets the most complaints. Rather than being grateful that GH now showcases a slew of beloved veterans, some people complain that they don’t see them enough. You’d better hope GH doesn’t listen to you because if they ever did tighten up the cast and just tell 3-4 stories at a time (like other shows) your faves might be the ones to get fired.

How should a soap even approach paring down the cast? Should they fire people by salary? Number of Twitter followers? How big a pain in the ass they are on set? No matter what the show did, a big portion of the audience would be unhappy because soap fans never agree on anything. That’s the great thing about Daytime. For every fan saying “Go Britt!” there’s another one yelling, “Take her down, Liz!”

Digest cover of Robin’s last exit in March

Digest cover of Robin’s last exit in March

Personally, I would watch Luke, Tracy, Scotty, Lucy, Bobbie, Anna, Duke, Felicia and Mac every day, because I am a child (ahem) of GH in the ’80s. They are like dysfunctional family to me. But if my characters took over the show, who would go? Sonny/Carly? Alexis/Julian? Nikolas/Britt/Liz? My new favorite couple Ned/Olivia? Or, God forbid, SPENCER?

Oh hell, no.

I feel the same way about Y&R. I’m all about oldies but goodies Nikki, Victor, Jack, Paul, Chris, Lauren, Michael, Neil and Jill right now. (Forgive me if I don’t invest in new characters until they’ve been around for a while.) But YOU might like Summer and her new felon of a husband, so I’m willing to sit through your people to get to mine. Are you?

I also like it when Traci and Ashley pop in and out, as do most Y&R fans. So why do GH fans get so mad when Robin does it on GH?

Kimberly McCullough returned this week as Robin and the complaints started immediately: “If she’s not coming back to stay and be with Patrick, don’t bring her back.”

Since when does any soap character ever “stay” in a couple on soaps? Kimberly McCullough has made it quite clear she does not want to work full-time on GH, so Robin will come and go until she eventually brings back a recast Jason (Billy Miller?!) and then takes off again when she realizes Patrick is happy with Sam or whoever it is by then. Isn’t that better than killing her? Fans went mental when GH killed AJ. I can’t imagine the outcry if they killed 30-year core character Robin Scorpio.

Compare GH’s myriad of tales to B&B’s two stories at a time. Right now its Hope/Wyatt/Liam and Brooke/Bill/Katie/Ridge with a sprinkling of the occasional new character and/or horse. Yes, B&B is only a half-hour show but I’d still like to see what Thorne, Taylor, Eric and Donna are up to. And isn’t it time for Aly to find out that her “dreamy” new boyfriend Oliver once knocked Aunt Brooke up against the side of a house and had sex with her?

B&B is more consistent, while GH has more surprises. Y&R tells stories with more long-term core characters, while DAYS drives one story at a time (Sami!). To each his own, soap fans.

My advice to GH-ers is to sit back and enjoy the Round-Robin (get it?) of ten or so stories until your faves swing back around. Because trust me – even just one day a month of [INSERT FAVORITE CHARACTER HERE] is better than none.

31 Responses to Be Careful What You Wish For, Soap Fans

  • olivia says:

    Days doesn’t drive ONE story. There are other stories, problem : they are so boring.. Sami is really dynamic and is the one who makes her story somewhat interesting, can’t say the same for the other characters and stories although the writing is awful for everybody. Sami being portrayed as the ‘villain’ whereas she is the real wronged party..i just can’t..

  • Chaz says:

    I had followed GH for eons until it became the “Sonny Show” and I tuned out all together. When OLTL (my all time favorite) was canceled I started watching DOOL again along with Y&R. When Y&R disintegrated into a flat, hot mess I tried GH again. It is beyond me how two talented men like FV & RC who made OLTL a great show are unable to do that with GH. It is a train wreck.

    I gave them some leeway with the actors from OLTL because they had to juggle the writing to accommodate contracts & legal issues. But, once they re-introduced them as original characters they were on their own. Yes, it is nice that they have brought back some of the vets. But, once again they are veering toward mob stories and dragging the show down, in part, because of it.

    While you, Carolyn, seem to share RC’s captivation of Spencer, a little goes a long way. I barely can stand teen centered story lines, why would I want to watch 8 year olds? Especially when Cameron has been de-SORASED to fit in to that group?

    Michael is boring, boring, boring. Dr. O is good…but, again, use her sparingly. Levi…UGH….just ugh. Sabrina is a whiner. Kiki is no Starr Manning.

    I think Michelle Stafford is a fireball…but not enough to make me sit through the balance of the dreck.

    While not perfect, DOOL is the best written, best paced and best at using its cast. There are certainly exceptions. I am not a big John Black fan but bringing him back to lay in a coma is a waste. And, Jordan….ugh. I am not too familiar with the actress but she seems only capable of making one face – pained like she has cramps or something. Don’t care about her mean step-daddy, don’t feel this love story between she and Rafe.

    To be perfectly honest, TPTB should be happy fans complain. At least then they have feedback about why/why not their viewership is going up/down. And, it shows they care. (Though RC’s ego as evidenced by his Twitter posts) won’t allow for room for any doubting of himself)

  • Esther says:

    I just started watching B&B when TK came on as Ridge and OMG I don’t know how that show is still on the air (I think I’m spoiled by good soaps). Terrible writing and everyone just sleeps with everyone, that in a nutshell is the whole soap. It also seems like they degrade women and just make them dumb.

    When Ron and Frank came to GH, they put the mob to the side a little and gave other characters a chance to shine and I was really enjoying that, now we’re back to the Sonny and the mob show and I can’t stand watching any more (although I do love Julian and Alexis). I get a lot of people like this character but does he really have to dominate a show which is full of talent. I don’t want any one character to dominate ANY show, haven’t we learned that it’s bad for the show yet.

    As for bringing Robin back, I am not a fan and could do without her especially when it just disrupts the flow of the show and serves no purpose really (sick of the Cassidines and hope they NEVER come back), Patrick should have divorced her when she chose Jason over her child (not even him) this is not a mother especially when she’s been gone from her daughter’s life for a year. I still can’t believe Lucky would have abandoned his children (that is not the character I loved). The person I am enjoying back is Ned, I love this character and the actor and he serves a purpose, he gives us back more Q’s especially when they insist on killing them off.

  • wolfy says:

    Having been a faithful viewers of Y&R since it practically began (I missed a couple of the first months), I have to admit that the telling of several stories that seem to involve nearly every citizen in Genoa City (somehow they all get involved by the end of the story) has been pretty much a standard on Y&R. William J. Bell, Sr. was great with his gang of writers over the years on being able to do this, connecting all the generations into the storylines so that, somehow, someway, each one touched into some part of every person’s life in the end.

    I would much rather see a show that can do this well than watch a show where they concentrate on certain characters only for days, weeks at a time and forget that we have multi-generations of characters who SHOULD be involved in storylines that are featuring certain characters, especially if those characters are CORE characters!

    Y&R is terrible about this right now … they focus so hard on newbies, forcing some of them down our throats so hard it’s nearly that character’s show (or seems to be, anyway), and suddenly we’re inundated with new characters who are allegedly connected to core families, aged but connected to core families or have thing happen off-screen that are connected to core families that the characters chat lightly about, but we fans are not privy to anymore than in passing, and that both confuses and angers viewers, because while it may move the storylines for the writers and EPs, it does nothing for the fans or the histories of the shows themselves.

    Keeping the history of the show correct is my biggie. Don’t tell me that Nikki and Paul had a love child 30 years ago when both of them have seen 17 over 40 years ago, and the “love child” is in his 40s already! I won’t believe you, for heaven’s sake! And don’t tell me that Katherine had a child while drunk, gave it away, thought it was someone else’s child and didn’t even know if it was a male or female, then reveal it’s Jill (which was great!!), only to turn around and tell me no, it’s a guy named Tucker, and his son is Devon, Neil’s adopted son. Say WHAT? And Kay leaves ALL her money to Devon? Nothing to her beloved granddaughter, Mackenzie? Nothing to her beloved son, Brock? Only a cabin to Murphy? Like I’m going to believe all that! You can’t change the history and the way the characters have been and make me believe it’s completely real!

    Now, redemption is something else. Redeeming Adam was amazing. People were loving him after hating this character for years, and then the show fires him right after letting the only other master “newbie” actor, Billy Miller, go! Okay, that upset me greatly, because Michelle Stafford had gone before that, and we had lost Jeanne Cooper before Michelle left. It was a HARD year in 2013 for Y&R, and the losses greatly outweighed the good.

    I don’t feel bringing in Steve Burton, Jessica Collins and the teen crew (other than Daniel Polo, who was amazing as Jamie) did anything for the show, nor do they now, along with a number of others who I feel are dead weight on the program. But I’m not going to go out and tweet it to TPTB unless they ask me how I feel about them, and then I’ll be honest. Now, Sean Carrigan, who plays Stitch, has kept me glued to the set. Who is he? What is he? And he can ACT, which is a major plus in his favor for me. But most of the newbies could fall by the wayside and I doubt I’d even remember their storylines. Not getting feeble or senile, just so danged bored with who they are and completely not invested in them.

    Oh, you mentioned Summer and her felon hubby. Yeah, they can go. I’d never miss ’em…

  • You are so right! We should stop bitching and moaning and be grateful that our shows are still on. Does anyone want to relive the agony of losing Guiding Light, As the World Turns, All My Children, and One Life to Live? Not to mention all the defunct shows of the past?

    I am a grateful soap addict!

    • Sal Piscioneri says:

      I agree with all you said Carolyn. That is what has kept me watching GH since its conception. I am 59 years old (male) and I remember the early episodes that took forever to wrap up. I was able to watch GH and go to Catholic School and still not miss much. GH and Dark Shadows were my favorites until OLTL came and I had my three soaps that I watched daily. I was teased because I watched soaps but I did not care I enjoyed the story telling. I hope the scribes at GH keep my oldies, once a month is better than none at all. Pop in more from time to time. I love my GH cast and always will. Welcome back to Kimberly/Robin I love her and enjoy her work:>)

    • Cheri says:

      Totally agree!! GH fan no matter what!!!

  • Babs says:

    I have watch the character of Robin grow up. I want her to have a happy ending. I am sick to death of watching the writers make her sacrifice her happiness so Patrick is free to do what he wants. Patrick has never had to fight for Robin. It is always her. The writers screwed up her return so bad that alot of fans have a horrible taste in their mouth and some have even turned on the character as they way they had her abandon her family was out of character and complete trash. TPTB claim they respect GH history, but they are the first to trash characters in order to prop their newbies and pets. I can complain if I so choose. I have watched this soap for 40 years. If I don’t like it, the last time I checked I still live in a country that allows me to voice my opinion.

  • Dee Dee Richards says:

    Personally I don’t like the character of Robin never have but wish Kimberly luck with her new career choice. I am a Patrick fan and wish they would of left him with Sabrina. I also think the writers need to wrap up the old stories and start some new ones. I can’t wait for Micheal to find out Sonny shot A.J. this is dragging out way to long.

  • tim Key says:

    I find lots to love about general Hospital. They did miss the mark by not bringing back more Audrey. She is still nice looking and she has many fans.

  • Valerie LaBerge says:

    General Hospital is the only ABC soap. The writing. The directing. The acting. Is amazing!!! It has culminated into the Best soap. I run home to watch it my my DVR. Yesterday was so awkward and simple , but funny with Lucas, Felix and Brad. Simple life, but they are gay. But simple!!! I loved it!!! There was no pressure or gang violence. Just jealousy. Like back with Audrey, Tom and The Dr. Hardy!!! Still love General Hospital. Ron and Frank are making me Happy!!!

  • Jenn says:

    One of the big issues I have with GH is not the large cast and it’s many stories but the pacing and lack of balance. I enjoy ensembles as well as the majority of the characters on GH. The frustration that I have (and I suspect others have) is that right now GH has one actor that is getting a HUGE chunk of the airtime. It’s hard to accept that my favorite character’s story lines have to stop and go continually when I am bombarded with a plethora of Sonny episodes, the majority of which are filler. Maurice Benard is also one of the higher paid actors so to argue that it’s an issue of money rings bogus. Cut back on some of his episodes and I think that would solve a lot of the issue. Hey, it’s just my opinion:)

  • Renee says:

    I love all the different stories they are telling on GH and the use of the different actors and their characters. It keeps everything fresh and current. I also love that they have brought some of our old favorites back and that they aren’t afraid to recast some of our past favorites. As far as Kim McCullough is concerned, I love her as an actress and have always wanted her back on GH, but realizing that isn’t going to happen I guess a short term storyline is better than nothing. Especially if it gets us Jason back. I would personally love to see Vanessa Marcil return to the role of Brenda again even if for a short term stint. I love her and always have. She has always been one of my very faves.

  • Jim says:

    I have enjoyed General Hospital SO much in the last couple of years. In every episode, there might not be a story I like, but there are characters I like…. I was never a GH fan until Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati took over… They kept this show from going the route of Another World (SOB!), Guiding Light (TOO many SOBS!!), As the World Turns (Sniffle!), All My Children (though ABC wrecked that show) and One Life to Live (Did NOT deserve to be cancelled!!)…. I would rather see friends a couple of times a month than not at all….

  • Penney Adams says:

    Amen. You hit the nail right on the head Carolyn! However, telling soap fans to stop complaining is like asking them to stop breathing! In the old days we just sat around and had a good bitch session with your friends. Now everyone does it on line and then there are consequences.

    I always felt that it was better that I was gossiping about soap characters than about real people!

    Keep up the good work GH, maybe we don’t like every story line but if we wait just a minute another story line that we do like will pop up. I’m just happy that GH is still on the air and going strong.

  • sheila says:

    I love having all the actors on there and having as many stories you can fit in, they will eventually get told. this will keep it interesting and less boring, i for one dont complain,i enjoy the show if a story gets boring well it doesnt stay boring for long,stories change all the time. i always love when Robin comes back. i am sad when she leaves but love her just the same. love all the actors and the show keep it up GH

  • D Williams says:

    I, for one, am thrilled when Robin pops in! Would I like it if she came back on contract? Yes! But, having watched Kimberly McCullough grow up on GH, I’m equally thrilled to see/hear about her successes in her personal life. I love the fact that she honors her soap roots by coming back when she can & when the show wants her. Too many former soap actors walk away without a backward glance & I think it speaks to her personal integrity that she honors the show where she got her start & gives fans like me a treat every now & again.

    • Cathy says:

      Well said! Kimberly never forgets where she started. Which is why I feel she should be getting deals over these OLTL AND YR actors.

  • Sheila Monroe says:

    I admit I do complain a lot, But mostly it’s all about the writing. They put new writers in there and everything has changed. Dramatically. Maxie lost her spunk and now won’t listen to Nathan about Levie being trouble. Britt is lying to Nic..again. That’s just to name a few. I just don’t understand why the writers are going in such a dumb direction. And I’m not the only one who’s saying this. There’s a lot of us who are agreeing with this too…..

  • Lina Moyer says:

    I agree completely! If Jason Thompson was leaving GH then fine write the happy ending for now for Patrick/Robin. That is not the case. I have watched Robin since I was young and will take her for a little bit or for long term. Whatever. People say “oh it’s out of character for her to run off and do this” not true… Robin is one of my favorite characters but she is and always has been sanctimonious. She does what she thinks is right no matter who gets hurt in the process. Also she was raised not by her parents, but by her uncle while her parents were out saving the world. Why would she think any differently when it comes to her own family?? I say… Give me Robin for whatever amount of time. A little Robin is better than no Robin!

    • Lois welch says:

      I totally agree. Better to have Robin than no Robin. I love her as a person and her character. Proud of what she a
      Has accomplished. Go Robin/Kimberly MCCollough.

    • Cathy says:

      This might be a little long but i want to make my points.
      I will take Robin anytime. Robin is GH history and heart. Kimberly and Robin are GH and when she is on you know your watching GH. Something that doesn’t happen with all these newbies over the past two years along with the actors from other soaps. You cannot recognize GH anymore. It is the newbie show and terrible.
      Just to let you know many of those complaining about Kimberly coming and going don’t seem to have a problem with other like TG, RoH, FH, MB, ME, let alone the new pets from Y&R, MS and BM who get deals they CANT refuse and they leave to do other things. Why is that? And let us not forget FV pets from OLTL who stalled and held up GH while FV and RC fought with everything they had to get them back from PP. Well I say if FV works with them work with Kimberly and make her a DEAL she can’t refuse. Just like MS got.

      Carolyn, if you read Kimberly’s interviews she NEVER stated she didn’t want to act. She said if FV worked with her schedule she would do both and most recently said that GH was her family and would always go back when asked on twitter. She stated she wasn’t giving up acting. Many others on GH do more than one thing and GH and FV accommodate them.

      If you read some of the comments you would know that most who don’t want her back have just started watching GH under RC along with the usual haters ALL actors get. Some Carly lovers still can’t let it go. Can’t believe the soap genre can’t see the agendas as the reason for not wanting Robin back. Some still think Patrick is going to go back with the Ugly Betty if Robin isn’t there. Some of them are pushing for Sam because they cant stand Silas and they don’t want Robin to win since Ugly Betty lost. Many of which just stared to watch under RC. They don’t know Robin and a few asked me who she was. So do ONLY the new fans count and fans of GH who watched for a while and know Robin and Patrick don’t count now. Sad when GH should be thinking of keeping all fans not playing favorites.

      Some of the complaints people have is the writing not given Robin a POV and using her to give Patrick an excuse to move on. That doesn’t work for me and others. In fact now many I know won’t accept Patrick moving on. While you like who you like (you stated the 80s actors) MANY people I know love and like who we like and we want Robin and Kimberly to get a deal like others to keep her on GH.

  • moshane58 says:

    I’m loving GH. These different stories going is just damn good. Never boring. Go GH…

  • connie says:

    dont complain about our soaps enjoy them!

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