The 41st Annual Daytime Emmys were held on June 22 at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. As you could probably tell by the few live tweets I was able to get out during the show, I was there.

Hillary B. Smith (Guya, Venice), Sonia, Carolyn and Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B) at the pre-Emmy party at The London.

Hillary B. Smith (Guya, Venice), Sonia, Carolyn and Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B) at the pre-Emmy party at The London.

In case you turned off the live stream during that embarrassing car crash of a Red Carpet show, here are the big soap winners:

Outstanding Daytime Drama: Y&R

Outstanding Writing: Y&R

Outstanding Directing: OLTL

Outstanding Lead Actress: Eileen Davidson (Kristen, DAYS)

Outstanding Lead Actor: Billy Miller (ex-Billy, Y&R)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Y&R)

Outstanding Supporting Actor: Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS)

Outstanding Younger Actor: Chandler Massey (ex-Will, DAYS)

Outstanding Younger Actress: Hunter King (Summer, Y&R)

Outstanding New Approaches – Drama Series: Venice

Tainted Dreams was up against Venice and I have to say I think it is completely fair that Venice won. TD creator and executive producer Sonia Blangiardo and our team are still trying to sell the entire first season of TD to cable for a large enough sum to fund season two. Venice, co-produced by long-time soap star Crystal Chappell (who also stars), began airing in 2009. We released three episodes on youtube last year to whet peoples’ appetites; they are in their FOURTH season. So I say mazel, Venice – see you next year!

I can’t say the same thing about the other soap categories for the simple reason that GH and B&B were overlooked. Both shows had excellent years, better overall than Y&R and DAYS. As Michael Logan put it in TV Guide, “When the real best soap of 2013 — General Hospital — isn’t nominated here, how can this category be anything but an exercise in pointlessness?”

Point taken. But as we know, all a soap needs is one good episode. It’s very possible that Delia’s death on Y&R might still have beaten GH’s Nurses’ Ball even if GH had been nominated. But the complete shutout made the Emmy telecast less competitive and certainly less interesting. I said the same thing when DAYS wasn’t getting nods. It’s just not as fun.

It’s harder to judge fairness in the acting categories because the actor that stands out tends to win, and you have no idea what anyone else will submit. I remember an Emmy voter telling me a few years ago that four out of five actresses in the category they were judging cried through their scenes, so the voter picked the one that wasn’t sobbing. That actress won.

There was a similar situation this year with Best Supporting Actor. Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH), Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R), Scott Clifton (Liam, B&B) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH) all submitted angsty, heartfelt stuff, while DAYS’ Eric Martsolf went balls-to-the-wall as a whacked-out drug addict and took home the statue. Have a coke and a smile, Brady!

The Younger Lead category has never made any sense to me. “Who’s still under 25 on our show? Let’s nominate them!” Some, like Rick Hearst, Roger Howarth, Michael E. Knight and Jonathan Jackson, continued to nab nominations and wins long after they aged out of this cake category, proving that their talents extended past just a small group of their peers.

Others never did. Ever heard of a guy named Justin Gocke? He was nominated twice, winning in 1989 for his role as Brandon Capwell on Santa Barbara. Say what you want about adult Emmy winners, none of them fall off the face of the acting earth.

But the most unfair thing about the Daytime Emmys is that year after year NATAS hires producers that don’t respect the medium. How can you produce a show that’s supposed to celebrate talk shows, game shows, cooking shows and soap operas when you don’t like or watch them? I’m not talking about Kathy Griffin, who clearly loves daytime and kept the show moving as a funny, bawdy host. I’m talking about producers who can’t tell DAYS’ Chandler Massey from his replacement, Guy Wilson. Massey won Younger Lead the past two years which tells me they didn’t look at any past telecasts, never mind tune into DAYS or looking up a name, before they showed the wrong clip. That’s not fair to Massey, DAYS, or loyal soap viewers.

Oh, well – on to next year. I hear the show will be back on television again, so here’s hoping NATAS hires a professional producer that actually watches Daytime.

It’s only fair.

22 Responses to Are The Daytime Emmys Fair?

  • Kat Hilderbrand says:

    Even though there are only 4 soaps on network t.v., we still need to have the Daytime Emmy Awards and they do need to broadcast them on t.v. The people associated with the 4 remaining shows work tirelessly, are super talented, and work to bring us great entertainment and need to be publicly rewarded in front of a television audience. The show MUST be produced by people who know, really know daytime. The award shows fro the 80s and 90’s were fabulous!

  • Debbie Zarzecki says:

    The only word I can use to describe this years emmys is disgraceful. It was disgraceful that not one of the major three networks all of who have at least one soap on the air(CBS having 2) chose to broadcast the event. It was disgraceful that the women hired to host the red carpet interviews had no idea who any of the actors or actresses were much less which show they were on(the biggest blunder came when they were interviewing Maura West and Tyler Christopher and one of the girls asked them how long they’d been married and the actors had to explain they were married but not to each other). It was disgraceful that GH didn’t get nominated for outstanding show and not a single actor won when many of them gave far better performances than the actors who did win. Some changes and improvements definitely need to be made.

  • Tom Lisanti says:

    With only 4 soaps on the air, the Daytime Emmys are ridiculous. If they are going to continue and want to retain any respect, they need to go back to 1973 when they began. Dump the supporting and younger actor categories and just have 5 nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress. Two nominees for Best Show, Directing and Writing. At least this way it is bit more competitive.

  • wolfy says:

    Seems to me that Michael Muhney was once interviewed about this very thing, and he was trying hard to get things changed for the actors and nominations and such. I recall that he seemed to be doing a good job at it, as the interview was in SOD and Peter Bergman had made comments that Muhney was amazing and really invested in taking a stance for the actors against the way things were being done. He felt a lot of it wasn’t fair, nominations, the way reels were done, the voting … I don’t recall the whole article, but it was quite interesting.

    I know Muhney is quite outspoken about the fairness of treatment of actors, and I’ve always thought that might be what really got him fired from his job at Y&R. Speaking out when the powers that be didn’t want him to do so about the industry and it’s treatment of it’s actors.

    While I didn’t watch the Daytime Emmys online (my access to a computer isn’t that great as I have children who are gamers), I heard enough about it to be glad I didn’t see it.

    I’m happy that some actors received their Emmys, because I do believe they deserved them. But there were other actors and shows I was completely floored weren’t on the list, especially in the soap categories. Shutting out GH after they bring back the Nurses’ Ball? Seriously? What happened, did everyone watch “The Soup” and only see clips of everyone talking about the picklelilly stuff? I don’t know, but it seems strange that a show that even a cable network program lauds as fun wasn’t nominated or honored.

    Something’s funny in Los Angeles, and it seem to be the Daytime Emmys and it’s representation…

  • Matthew Farris says:

    I used to care about the Daytime Emmys back in the day when there was a huge pool of actors, shows, writers and crew members. Now that we’re down to four televised shows, the Daytime Emmys seem more like a vanity event than a serious awards show recognizing the best of the best.

  • Troy Lee Turner says:

    The whole staff at NATAS needs to be held to account for this fiasco. I won’t go into the judging, because it’s a subjective call at best-but for NATAS to fail at its ONLY real job-making sure an awards show about television is actually ON television is malfeasant-if not borderline criminal. Heads MUST roll…

  • KM says:

    Are the Daytime Emmy’s fair at least regarding soaps? Probably not. Have they ever have been or could they ever be fair? Probably not.

    Even back in the glory days of far more choices and far better quality soaps the lead categories were generally dominated by the same names every year with specifically crafted “Emmy Reel” episodes to showcase them as leads.

    The supporting categories have long been the most competitive IMO and often clogged up with too many actors who in many cases over the last 10-15 years actually became the true leads but were mostly just “waiting their turn” for the previous generations of leads to vacate a spot in that category.

    Younger categories have always been hit or miss. Some years have seen some breakout young stars but that’s often been more due to skillful writing, a strong storyline and, frankly, how much the EPs and HWs want to emphasize the actor or story or cash in on what’s seen as a breakout actor/character.

    The playing field has always been uneven and the yardstick for categories like lead vs supporting have always been a little vague.

    Carolyn Hinsey raises another good example of that herself.

    What actually qualifies “New Approaches” exactly? Absolutely no diss to Venice but both it and another nominee I’d never heard of (DeVanity, I think) have been around for several years/seasons so are they actually a “new” approach at this point? Is new approach just another word for streaming and if so why were AMC and OLTL not included in this category rather than with the tradition network soaps? Does Venice’s subscription based model count as a new approach? Does the content that addresses an under-served lesbian market count as a new approach? What about the concept of a few teaser eps online trying to build a market for cable?

    These are serious questions. I’m not pretending to have the answers but maybe it would help to have a more clearly defined criteria for the awards?

    A final word about GH’s omission from the major show awards…I think the short, choppily directed scenes, an overly large cast with too many characters and storylines that disappear for long periods of time, too much emphasis one liners and an over abundance of camp vs drama hurt everyone including the actors. It’s hard to find the pulse of the individual performances by the actors let alone the pulse of the show as a whole when the show often looks like ADD Theater.

    In the end the Daytime Emmys have always been political and about personal tastes and biases tho, no? Look at the divide between those who found Kathy Griffin’s deliberately offensive style or the clueless social media Red Carpet interviewers funny and edgy and those who found them tasteless and obnoxious that ran across all Daytime Emmy categories and within the space of a single awards show. Should this one particular show fairly qualify as an Outstanding New Approach next year?

    No one can really say what’s the right opinion or the “fair” one. IMO as parents having been telling their kids for years, life isn’t fair.

  • Angela says:

    I am so done with the daytime Emmys. They mean absolutely nothing now. They didn’t used to be. I remember when it was televised from New York the actors and actresses got the respect they so deserved. I am not saying that because it is no longer held in New York that’s why it has lost it’s importance. I blame the studio heads and the rest of the industry. For way too long they’ve looked down their noses at the daytime genre. That so called “Red Carpet Show” just about summed it up. Like I said earlier I’m done.

  • Jenn says:

    I think boring is the best way to discribe the Emmy nominations. I’m rarely pleasantly surprised by any of the nominations or wins. It’s disappointing because it used to be so fun to sit on the edge of my seat while watching and wondering who was going to win. I can’t say that anymore. The same producer’s show wins every year and everyone knew that would happen again. And actors winning just because they weren’t crying in their clip is hardly a good reason to win. There is no underdog to root for anymore just simple because there would be no chance of an underdog ever winning. The nominations are just boring and I never care who wins. It’s sad that is what the Emmys have been reduced to. Maybe this is why they can’t find a network to air them anymore. The only catagorie I was really excited about this year was the New Approaches because it did not have an obvious winner and all the nominations were will deserved.

  • M says:

    The red carpet was a disaster beyond words.. Both Kathy and Sharon’s comments were beyond vulgar. They were in an awards ceremony honoring daytime television not in some cheap night club. Both ladies lost me as fans Sunday night.
    Y & R is the best soap on TV and the individuals who won their awards -not just Y & R deserved their wins.. everyone is whining cause General Hospital didn’t win anything. Well if Days or Y& R didn’t win something, there would have been whining as well. GH is blah right now. RC needs to be replaced as head writer cause since he joined the reigns, the soap has been tanking.
    The only thing that I did not enjoy was JFP being part of the win for Y & R.
    Look forward to next year and hoping TPTB have learned their lessons from this year and bring aboard interviewers who know who everyone is and a host that shows respect for everyone involved with daytime television

    • Troy Lee Turner says:

      Have you even bothered to look at GH’s ratings lately? The show is far from tanking

      • Nicole says:

        GH is on soap on the air…and as soap journalists said…the award for best drama was pointless this year cause the best soap of the year GH WAS OMITTED. What a joke..and everyone is saying how bad YR is now and the Dylan show..and the major actors from there leaving for GH. says alot

  • Chaz says:

    Aside from the red carpet fiasco (at least the two in the social media room seemed to have some idea of what actor they were speaking to and if they had/had not been nominated) the wins by some were surprising, to say the least. I will disclose that I have not watched Y&R in about 6 months – NOT due to the leaving of Billy Miller or Michael Muhney – but because the writing and lack of coherence became dismal. I was a return viewer to GH when OLTL went away but again find the inconsistency and focus on certain plotlines dull.

    While not always fabulous, I found that Days is overall the better show. They spread the wealth around by using most of the cast, keep plots moving at a decent pace (better than Y&R, for sure), bring small *bangs* throughout the week and don’t rely on huge disasters or events to grab your attention.

    I was shocked, frankly, that Martsolf won as I assumed he would be overlooked by the Academy in favor of a favorite son. I think they need to expand the submissions to give a broader sense of what an actor brings to the role rather than basing it on one/two HOT shots. I have read complaints that the judges don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of time viewing the tapes. Maybe they could extend the submission/judging time so they have a longer period of time to watch. Although, I find it amusing that people who may wish to or have won Emmys in the past would whine about taking time to give others that same chance.

    Was GH dissed? Maybe. But, certainly Y&R did not earn either of its recognitions, IMO.

  • Anabel Adams says:

    Totally agree the red carpet was embarrassing. Show was fast as there wasn’t any weird singing, dancing, goofy numbers that don’t make sense. That was a plus, and Kathy G did great! I still think it is totally amazing that all the networks that air these shows, not just the soaps, talk shows, game shows etc couldn’t put it on the air. Their own damn shows! There was not a single thing on Sunday evening on any of the ‘big 3’ networks that would have been more entertaining to watch than the Emmy’s–their lack of support says A LOT.

  • Chris says:

    The daytime emmy’s have had a credibility issue for years. Especially when the politics of getting nominated began to rear its ugly head more and more. Last night I was watching the 15th annual Daytime Emmys on youtube and like the soaps of yore, the comparison of what got nominated then as opposed to now is laughable. ALL the actors then were strong. In addition, with so many soaps airing in 1989 not all the best got nominated. Back then you were lucky to be recognized. With only 4 soaps left anything and everything can get a nomination, and does.

    I’ve been a card carrying Y&R fan for 28+ years and watched the show get snubbed many times on emmy night over soaps that had become more gimmicky and emmy voter friendly. Now, Y&R IS that soap. They not only did not deserve 26 nominations, they did not deserve half its wins that night. Like the soaps themselves, there is a reason viewership has become so low for these awards. The genre as a whole has a taste level problem. No offense to some of the actors, but what story was so compelling last year that warranted a nomination? And in some shocking cases, a win? The younger actor and actress categories were jokes! Y&R had an actor in there who hasn’t been seen since February of 2013. A younger actress who’s not had a credible story since being hired but managed to muster up a good episode for a win. These are not the Heather Toms, Sarah Brown, Andy Kavovit, Jonathan Jacksons anymore. Actors we not only believed could grow into major leads, but did. Today, ANYONE can and does get a nomination despite the weak characterizations that got them there. The writing and drama series wins were tragic all their own and frankly made me happy they didn’t air. The best of the best were not honored that night.

    What concerns me about Y&R is that the show has legitimate creative issues. In addition to incoherent writing the show has a cheap vibe to it that it never had before. I don’t trust the people at CBS or Sony are smart enough to not only pin point what isn’t working, but how to fix it. Or better yet, hire the people who can fix it. Y&R’s 9 emmy wins put a band-aid on the shows fractured creative structure. I’m worried they will continue, “as is”, by being validated off this flawed system. To me, that is the biggest loss of the evening.

  • james jones says:

    i agree gh was over looked but how was bb over looked bb sucks i have a bigger question why was jmw aka steffy a nominee for bb her work has been excellent no offence to LG or KM but those 2 actresses sucked, i have no idea why would anyone think that bb KKL should a chance against real actresses the fans spoke their are sick of the brooke and hope show and begged for balance brad bell and company refused to listen now they are reaping what the sowed

  • Marcia says:

    I missed the Lead Actor/Actress awards due to some computer glitch that I probably caused. I watch Y&R and loved it this past year, watch GH occasionally, and I don’t mind GH not winning Best Show but it should’ve been nominated. the only good thing about the webcast was that Oscar the Grouch and David Canary weren’t on in trash cans for ten minutes. I didn’t watch the red carpet part. one thing’s for sure, these aren’t the glory days of soaps any more. But we didn’t need the Emmys to remind us of that. They should have reminded us more of what we still have to watch instead of being so vapid.

  • Courtney says:

    I have always felt that most entertainment awards are simply popularity contests. However, can you refresh us on the process? We saw the prenoms, but what are the requirements for a show to get on the ballot? I assume that there is a process, I just don’t know what it is and it is hard to gauge if it was fair or not for GH not to be on the ballot without knowing the process behind it. If there is a group that just picks based upon nothing, then of course it isn’t fair.

    However, if they compare the submissions, and based on those submissions you get x% of the vote, and those with a certain percentage get on the final ballot…well, it’s fair. GH submitted some horrible choices.

  • Denise Smitley says:

    I turned on the Red Carpet and after 15 minutes I could not watch it anymore. It wasn’t even bad that you couldn’t look away. It was unwatchable!! After I turned off the RC I kept up with tweets from those who were there. I was flabbergasted. How can the treat the men and women who work all year long to give us Daytime TV and this is how they are repaid?? I would be so mad at NATAS that I would protest. The show itself was 100% better than last 2 years, and while I am wondering why GH won nothing,I can’t quibble over the winners. They deserved it!! I only hope next year the RC will be hosted by Day timers like Carolyn. Micheal, and others who make they their living following daytime.

  • JK says:

    Completely agree with your assessment. GH not being nominated for best show turned me off to the whole thing. Also, while I love Amelia Heinle as Victoria, that Emmy belongs to Kelly Sullivan (with close second being Jane Elliot). I hope the voting proses is re-vamped…and soon!

  • P Renaud says:

    This year’s show was an embarrassment. My girlfriend and I used to dress up and go to the Emmy show at RCMH every year. It was like a big Hollywood Gala. The interviewers, hosts, and the show itself produced by Dick Clark, was so professional. This year it was like a big joke. The red carpet was disgusting. Anyone who watched (and shut it off) knows that. But, even the show had no excitement. People walked out on stage to receive their award with no music. Half the actors didn’t show up. And, the snub to all the terrific actors NOT on Y&R was very sad. Here’s hoping the days of Daytime are really not dead.

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