The nominees for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced today, and all I can say is… WOW.

TD star Alicia Minshew and Emmy-nominated EP Sonia Blangiardo with Carolyn

TD star Alicia Minshew and Emmy-nominated EP Sonia Blangiardo with Carolyn

First of all, a sincere congratulations to ALL the nominees. No one works harder than the people in Daytime; honestly everyone is deserving. That said, it makes no sense that GH was left out of the Best Show, Writing and Directing categories – and I would say the exact same thing if DAYS, Y&R or B&B had been shut out.

What happened? Let’s get the scoop from David Michaels, Senior Executive Director of NATAS and Co-Executive Producer of “The Daytime Emmy Awards.”


Carolyn: Can you explain the Outstanding Drama Series category to me?

David: Clearly what happened was that One Life To Live pushed out one of the other nominees. We look at the percentage of votes, and there was a sharp cut-off after the fourth nominee. I don’t know who was 5th or who was 6th.

Carolyn: The soaps submit two episodes for Outstanding Drama Series, right?

David: Yes. But only one episode for Directing, Writing and Acting.

Carolyn: What’s your reaction to GH being shut out of the big categories?

David: I’ve got to admit I was shocked. It’s so difficult to watch so many great GH episodes throughout the year, and then have them not nominated. But I am very happy for the Prospect Park group. All My Children was very good, as well. I don’t know why they weren’t nominated, either.

Carolyn: GH submitted the Nurses’ Ball, and I know I’m not supposed to repeat this but some judges told me it was too campy. One even said, “Richard Simmons lost them the nomination.” Can you comment on that?

David: I shouldn’t [laughs]! All I can say is that a lot of the people who voted in that category don’t watch soaps – and the ones that do don’t watch all the episodes. Any entertainment professional can vote in the lead program categories. If they follow the rules, they are supposed to judge purely by the episode(s) submitted – not by the shows they may have watched all year. I realize that’s a little bit like the jury being told to “disregard that statement” but those are the instructions.

Carolyn: What advice would you give on how to select a winning Emmy tape?

David: Wow… I would say go for emotion and drama. If you get the luxury of submitting two episodes [like for Best Show], make them different. For example, DAYS did something brilliant: They submitted Kristen’s two separate failed weddings.

Carolyn: There is only one round of voting, right?

David: Yes, this is it. The winners are determined already. No one knows but the accountants.

Carolyn: Why are there only four Lead Actresses, but five actors in the other categories?

David: We look at how many entrees there were to start with, then the percentage of how the votes broke down. Usually, we don’t know who we are making the decisions about. We’re doing it blindly, like “Entrant 1,” “Entrant 2,” “Entrant 3.” Only after its decided do they reveal who was nominated. The cut-off just fell differently with Best Actress.

Carolyn: Does that seem fair?

David: If it was up to me, there would be nine nominees in every category. I like to be inclusive. Nobody has seen these tapes more than me at this point, and I’ve got to say that everyone who made it through the prenoms deserved to win the Emmy.

Carolyn: We were pretty excited at Tainted Dreams to have been nominated. So, thanks!

David: I know – congratulations! Sonia Blangiardo, Crystal Chappell, Greg Meng and others are doing great work “outside the box.” The category of “Outstanding New Approaches – Drama Series” is going to really expand; there are going to be so many more shows next year. I’m very proud that we added the category this year. It was the exact right time.

Carolyn: What can you tell me about the broadcast on June 22 from The Beverly Hilton in LA?

David: I can’t say much because we’re in negotiations.

Carolyn: Is it true that TVGN offered you $1 million to broadcast the Emmys and you turned them down?

David: Absolutely not. I can tell you we are talking to them for next year, 2015. I think that’s a perfect match. The Emmys are very CBS oriented, and who has more to gain from that than TVGN?

Carolyn: Um, CBS [laughs]? Thanks for talking to me.

David: Anytime.


Here’s a list of the major soap categories:


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

One Life To Live

The Young and the Restless



Eileen Davidson (Kristen, DAYS)

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B)

Heather Tom (Katie, B&B)

Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS)



Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)

Doug Davidson (Paul, Y&R)

Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R)

Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R)

Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH)



Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R)

Jane Elliot (Tracy, GH)

Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Y&R)

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R)

Kelly Sullivan (Connie, GH)



Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH)

Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R)

Scott Clifton (Liam, B&B)

Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS)

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH)



Kristen Alderson (Kiki, GH)

Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, B&B)

Hunter King (Summer, Y&R)

Kim Matula (Hope, B&B)

Kelley Missal (Danielle, OLTL)



Bryan Craig (Morgan, GH)

Chad Duell (Michael, GH)

Max Ehrich (Fenmore, Y&R)

Chandler Massey (Will, DAYS)

Daniel Polo (Jamie, Y&R)




Tainted Dreams

The Power Inside

Venice The Series



The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

The Young and the Restless



The Bold and the Beautiful

One Life To Live

The Young and the Restless



Christy Dooley, B&B

Marnie Saitta, DAYS

Mark Teschner, GH

Judy Blye Wilson, Y&R



20 Responses to Daytime Emmy Shockers!

  • Eric says:

    Still remains to be seen if the 2014 awards will be seen on TV. I don’t have cable/satellite, and don’t care for HNL airing it… and would be interested in seeing it broadcast on PBS… if ABC, CBS, and NBC have no interest in airing the award ceremony. NATAS and PBS viewers could manage to convince the non-commercial TV network to consider carrying the Daytime Emmy Awards. Even though PBS doesn’t air soaps, they do air Daytime Emmy nominated children’s shows, like Sesame Street. PBS being home to critically acclaimed and Primetime Emmy nominated Downton Abbey (airs as part of PBS’ Masterpiece collection).

  • Robynne says:

    Honestly, for me the biggest oversight or slight, was Sal Stowers NOT getting nominated for Cassie on AMC. The fact that the voters only see one or two clips is frustrating to me. Sal did such a fantastic job with such a dark storyline and she truly gave an outstanding, emmy worthy performance.

  • Cathy says:

    GH wasn’t nominated because it isn’t that good, plain and simple. The characters and their actions are driven by plot alone, and that in and of itself is soap opera poison. No way in hell would Carly hook up with Franco – and that’s just one example of many. The cast is way too big, and historical characters are either completely ignored or have very little air time. There was absolutely zero need especially to bring Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson, and Roger Howarth back onto the show after their OLTL characters left PC.

  • Mary says:

    “All I can say is that a lot of the people who voted in that category don’t watch soaps”

    Well that explains EVERYTHING wrong with the daytime Emmy’s. Watching soaps should be a requirement.

    That would be like the Oscars judging movies on the trailers. SMDH

  • Cathy says:

    People waited for the reveal of Robin being alive to Patrick and Emma and instead it turned into a poor poor Sabrina episode. Both Robin and Emma even had to mention her. It should have been Scrubs alone and then with Emma and not with everyone there at church. That should have happened later. Instead later it was about the poor Sabrina. Patrick till this day has yet to ask his wife what happened to her. When asked the writer said he didn’t think it was important yet the poor pity party to his pet nurse was. The episode was choppy and not about them. People complained about it and got told off. They got ratings for the reveal because people wanted to see Robin back with her family. So glad voters saw the choppiness and lack of heart in this episode. The NB was another prop fest to a Pet Sabrina and a makeover when they used Robin as bait to get people to watch. When they watched the NB and saw they were baited, they tuned out and ratings reflected that the following day. The actors brought the only heart the episode had with the reveal of Robin to her husband and daughter. Then it was downhill and became about Sabrina. That is on the writing and GH not the actor who play Robin, Patrick and Emma and who gave it all they had. Really tired of seeing their pets given everything while purposely trying to ruin a legacy character like Robin Scorpio Drake. Also most of the GH characters are rewritten to fit with characters who don’t fit and are pushed on viewers.

    • Carla says:

      I disagree. The actor who plays Robin decides to come back, and then is gone again. I loved Sabrina and Patrick. I never thought Robin and Patrick had chemistry even for as popular as they were in the past. Now, the writers have Patrick and Sabrina acting as if there was never a think between them and they were two seconds away from being married. I hope Robin stays away, the actress deciding whether she wants to produce, direct, or play Robin should not mess up the storylines on GH and it has. The reason they wrote that she had to go away to save Jason is a little bit less than ridiculous

  • mfarris70 says:

    Award nominations don’t mean squat to me– the opinions of industry insiders don’t change whether or not I like something. Having been a OLTL fan from the early 70s to the end of the network run, I’m shocked that the embarrassing OLTL reboot from Prospect Park was nominated for anything.

  • mfarris70 says:

    Again I have to ask, if GH is so bad that you can barely stand to watch it… why are you watching it and going online to comment? The ratings are overall looking good so I can’t be the only one who likes GH right now. Maybe the other fans have better things to do.

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  • Dani says:

    There was too much going in with GH last year. I think Ava is overkill with her story lines and we could do without the Ava/Morgan relationship. I did like the Dante Lulu baby story line and this is soapy drama, but other than that, nothing struck out. They need to end the Luke saga….it is getting old!

  • Robb says:

    I haven’t watched soaps daily since ATWT was axed but I am shocked that with all the publicity Maura West has garnered for her “Mrs. Robinson” role this year, she was not nominated.

  • pauline says:

    I am fed up with Ali Sweeney never being nominated and she will be gone next year for pete’s sake ! Finally they gave KLL her DESERVED nom, Ali Sweeney has as much powerful scenes..i just don’t get it..and it makes this nom process just not genuine and only a game of politics not real judgment of acting performance (by the way i did french acting conservatoire..i know what i am talking about..probably far more than the folks voting in these panels..)

  • Danielle says:

    There’s been some wonderful things about GH but there’s been a lot of absolute crap too. The vampire story. That moronic relish/PickleLila story. You can count me as one of the people underwhelmed to see Richard Simmons’ return. There’s still too many Sopranos-lite stories for my money. I love the actor who plays Franco Part Two but I loathe the character & Carly’s involvement with him makes zero sense at all. I bought Carly with Todd Manning. Not Franco the serial killer with a brain tumor. Makes no sense at all & makes Carly look like an imbecile. (Don’t Dumb Down My Smart Woman Characters!) I don’t like Kiki any more than I did Star. They still haven’t figured out what to do with Alexis except to throw her head first at every gangster in town. (Don’t Dumb Down My Smart Woman Characters, Part Two) So much of GH depended on Jason Morgan & the inexplicable obsession of every single female in town with him, it literally gasps for air in places because of his absence & they haven’t come up with a viable substitute. I haven’t given up on GH altogether yet but I do utilize my DVR function full time to zip past the stories that annoy me. Sometimes I get a whole 20 minutes to watch. For my money, what’s good about GH is great but what’s bad is dreadfully bad. Dreadfully bad usually doesn’t rate Emmy nominations.

  • Barbara Darlin says:

    For the life of me I still don’t get the 4 actresses in Best Actress.

    Did the other nominees get too few votes or were their votes so close they didn’t want to choose one from such a tight vote?

  • JC says:

    I think GH was rightfully overlooked for the major Series, writing & directing awards. The nurses ball was too campy to be taken seriously. The show has a lot of issues, they tend to drop storylines for weeks on end then shove it down our throat for weeks on end. For example, I had forgotten about Sabrina and her pregnancy until she popped up again because she barely appeared for a few months.

  • Kristi says:

    I’m not surprised GH wasn’t nominated, and quite frankly I think the show has been overrated of late, but I am surprised that if one of the Prospect Park shows got the nod, it was OLTL over AMC. Regardless of how good OL was on ABC, and how mediocre AMC was on PP, AMC was still better than OL in the reboot.

  • John McMillen says:

    Why GH did not submit Robin return episodes baffles me – one of the best story lines of the year and well there is no excuse why Finola wasn’t nominated !

  • Cyberologist says:

    GH is awful its full of newbies most whom can’t act veteran characters are shoved in the background to just support them for the most part they don’t drive story so they can’t even get an emmy reel because they don’t get the material to work with.

    Stories don’t resonnant any emotion because they aren’t layered (executed) because a lot of the drama we hang in to see happens off screen, the NB was a campy mess and I’m surprised that they would submit that nonsense.

  • CJ says:

    I’m not surprised that GH was not nominated. When you continue to add ingredients to the recipe, it tends to thin out the base. Perhaps a poor analogy, but you get the point. The canvas is so crowded…there’s nothing to focus on. I happen to love “campy” but not at the risk of legacy and history. Cartini initially found a working balance. In the past few months, I think the scales have tipped a bit to the “campy” side, at the expense of iconic characters. I can give examples, but don’t think that’s needed.

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