Here’s today’s question: Is social media turning some soap fans into haters? Or were they angry all along and now just have a wider forum?

When I got my job at Soap Opera Digest in 1992, I was shocked by how many letters the magazine got every day from fans. Each editor was assigned a show that they covered, watched faithfully, and read all fan mail for so they could summarize it in the mail report. That’s right – we had a weekly MAIL REPORT that tallied how many letters came in for each show, character, couple.

SOD Cover KMcMy show was General Hospital, so I would read all the GH mail. Fans wrote long, thoughtful letters about what they liked and didn’t like, who they wanted to see on our cover, etc. Of course there was the occasional person who thought the action was real (“Tell Felicia that Ryan is stalking her!”) but for the most part these were intelligent missives from people who cared about their shows.

Where are all those people today? Yes, I see many well-written, positive comments on Twitter about each show but I see far more negative ones. And what’s with this “I’m never going to watch my show again if _______________ happens”? Those letters were few and far between back in the day.

Recently, a number of high-profile actors left Y&R. Michelle Stafford, Michael Muhney and Billy Miller all had strong fan followings that are upset they are gone. (Never mind the upcoming exit of Liz Hendrickson and the incalculable loss of Jeanne Cooper.) I saw many threats of “I’m never watching again!” all over Twitter, yet the most recent ratings report for March 3-7 shows Y&R up 478,000 total viewers from this time last year – when all of those actors were on screen. (For a complete ratings report click here:

Were those just empty threats? Or was that 11 people in a garage creating 1000 Twitter handles to try and be heard?

Look at Kimberly McCullough’s return to GH as Robin. All parties were very clear that it was a short-term return (McCullough, who literally grew up on GH, prefers to direct now) yet some fans were outraged by her recent departure. I saw lots of negative tweets including the chronically overused “I’m never watching GH again!” Some even said Robin’s exit to cure Jason made no sense and they wish Robin had never returned. Really? GH talked Kimberly into a short-term return to wrap up a bunch of loose ends and launch new storyline for the characters in Robin’s life and you’re mad?

This is a character who had a childhood friend from the planet Lumina… put baby Emma in a tree during a blizzard while suffering from post-partum depression… and most implausibly has lived with HIV since 1995 without taking any visible medication or suffering any symptoms. Is it really so farfetched to think that Robin – A DOCTOR – would leave town to try and bring her best friend out of a coma?

Here’s the thing: If we’re lucky, our soaps never end. The stories go on and on with a million twists and turns based on who is on-screen at the time. Robin is gone for now, but there are lots of other great stories being told to keep us tuned in until Patrick moves on, or Robin returns again (with Kimberly back in the role or a recast).

It’s perfectly fine to tell Y&R you miss Phyllis, Adam, and the old Billy, or tweet to the GH honchos “I miss Robin!” But it’s another to say you’re tuning out until they return.

Because the one thing I can promise you is that if your show stops airing, your faves will never come back.



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  • I recall having enjoyable, thoughtful discussions about all aspects of “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light” on the IMDb and other forums. Good times.

    Missing my soaps I threw myself into “General Hospital” a couple of years ago (I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with the show for years) and eventually picked up on the IMDb page. I’ve now stopped that once and for all. Every day every one that posts is negative. They don’t like anything and they are particularly nasty about it. Why watch?! As a group they are also keen on spoilers and I’m the old-fashioned type who never turns to the end of the book. Fans are different or perhaps the ABC crowd was always this way. Could some of the behaviors relate to the show you are drawn to?

  • Ray says:

    I can hardly deal with the majority of people on soaps central boards. A bunch of these women who claim to watch soaps from the beginning so are probably older as old as my grandparents act like whiny little brats when they don’t get their own way and swear of watching a show EVEN if it is that actor/actresses choice to leave. On top of that they bash everyone that comes on.

  • Matthew Farris says:

    I’ve been having this same conversation with my soap friends– where are the online comments from people who like the shows? I agree that part of the problem is that online anonymity has given people a consequence-free way to vent their frustrations on every subject, including the soaps. And people have more distractions than they did in the letter writing days, which may be why people don’t take the time to praise the shows they love in online forums.

    I had to stop commenting on GH in the comments of a soap blog because every time I said something positive or disputed a wacky conspiracy theory, the people who disagreed came at me with a vengeance, using the old “I can say whatever I want and you can’t disagree with me but I can disagree with you” nonsense. The final straw was when the actual editor of the site came after me on a personal level for not agreeing with his views! In the end, the haters (for lack of a better word) scare off anyone who disagrees with them and it becomes an angry, bitter place.

    What people don’t get is that whether you’e commenting on your love of the show or how much you hate it, you’re still talking about it and that’s a positive thing. It shows that you’re passionate about it

  • Meghan says:

    I could not agree more. I personally believe fans have always had negative opinions about certain stories or characters but the immediacy of social media give those people a louder voice. I have been a die hard GH fan for 20 years and hope that the show continues for another 20. There have been stories I’ve hated (the TMK serial killer story that took Georgie, Emily, Letitica and Coop would be a perfect example) but I have always supported my favorite show and always will.

  • Troy Turner says:

    Soap fans have ALWAYS been passionate, but we can be our own worst enemies-and social media has only exacerbated that problem. When couples’ fanbases go to war, it has the potential to ruin the show/genre. Add to that, the internet trolls and their blatant anti-soap agendas, along with people’s wishes. that shows get cancelled if they don’t get their way-things have DEFINITELY gotten worse…

    The answer is simple-Write your own soap and sell it to a network if you think you’re big and bad enough, or sit down and shut up. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us that have the humility to know that we’re not writers or actors…


  • Christy says:

    Personally I think because I have put so many years into GH in particular it really broke my heart when Steve Burton left. Kimberly McCullough and I are about the same age and she started on Gh wheb I would watch with my mom. I think there are just some characters that cannot be replaced and you have to understand their choices. I am happy for Kimberly but I miss her and I thibk we as fans speak sometimes out of disappointment. I will never understand Steve Burton’s choices but I know there is a reason for all those happenings. I am sure it has something to do with RC. I do know that I would rather a few characters come and go than to lose Gh forever. All we can do is hope that one day our favorites can return.

  • lovesgh says:

    It was not Robin who increased the ratings. Ratings had started to increase before she returned , it was Robert and Anna . Robin’s return was horrible, and I hope she never comes back . She has destroyed Patrick and Emma’s lives. GH does not need her.

  • Cathy says:

    My approach to soap viewing is pretty simple & always has been. If I see writing that reflects a character-driving-plot approach, then I’ll continue to watch no matter what happens. But when the show becomes driven by plot points and BTS drama, I find something else to do with my time. Soaps are dying because the quality of the writing has deteriorated rapidly over the past decade. Life is short & if I’m not enjoying I’m not watching period. It has nothing to do with one character or one couple. It has everything to do with the lack of real payoff and character-based writing. And believe me, as a fan of AMC & OLTL I know all too well how it can end. But that doesn’t mean I’ll watch any old thing just to keep the genre alive.

  • Linda says:

    Soap fans are passionate with their favorite shows/characters so naturally they will get angry and upset when the writing is not going their way or direction is not what they are looking for. EP and writing teams are running out of fresh new content with the endless repeating of same ol’ same ol’ storylines and writing storylines and not doing their homework/research on the backstory of the character, writing out of character. New writing teams come on board and they need to do their background checks before writing characters. Fans find fault and are negative with all characters/actors/storylines generally speaking and are never pleased or satisfied. The dwindling down of soaps gives fans limited options in viewership for serial drama’s.
    Today’s soap fans are a little impatient and want change too much, too fast. Change this and change that, version here and there and the continuity and consistency of characters/show gets lost in the shuffle somewhere. Change does not always mean better. Fans simply need to hang in there and roll with the punches and enjoy what is still left on air right now.

  • Cin says:

    I think the internet has given fans who don’t usually write a way to express their feelings for their favorite shows. There is one thing to write stories, but there is another to write HORRIBLE stories, ones that don’t fit the characters. That is what is IMO killing soaps and sadly was one of the last nails in the coffin of AMC. Soaps tend to continually rehash horrible writing and fail to look outside the box. When you have seen a story and continue to see the SAME story played out time in and time out, that gets hard to watch. I was ALWAYS a huge AW fan and AMC. I watched both to the very end. They were great shows until they had to be saved. Then the writing got so bad that fans left because the shows were unrecognizable. It’s sad when soaps don’t stick to the basic rules of soap writing. Character driven s/l’s.

    I don’t get leaving because an actor left. I have commented many times with people about that. If the writing is good and the character is true to what the original character was..I’m willing to give them a chance. The key is don’t change the character so much so that you don’t recognize them. If you do, you might as well bring on a new character. When AMC recast Liza with an actress that didn’t even come close in age to the original actress, the recast failed. It was stupid for the character to ACT as if she was the same age as Tad and Jesse, when you knew the actress was all of 10 years younger. Fans don’t like that and that is why some recasts don’t work and fans tune out. This stunt casting hasn’t changed.

    So IMO Social Media hasn’t given fans the license to be negative…it just gave them a place to express it in hopes of making the writers realize we aren’t all idiots that watch soaps. I remember Frons saying soaps are watched by stay at home mothers. That maybe true, but they are also watched by Doctors, Lawyers and other highly skilled professionals. What worked back in the day isn’t working now and they need to think outside the box. Stop regurgitating the same old and expect fans to be ok with it. There are too many options out there to choose from and soaps need to step up to the plate.

    • Linda says:

      You are right about social media being the springboard of fans negativity, commenting negatively for the most part. Soap writing teams make the rounds with the soaps so I don’t expect any of them to think outside the box, they just write the same things and move on to other soaps to write the same things.

  • Jessi B says:

    People keep misunderstanding when people say “I’m not watching” because of the whole Michael Muhney thing. We weren’t just mad because he left or was pushed out (whatever). It was the last straw in a string of BS that we weren’t going to tolerate anymore. I am one of those who stop watching after Billy and Michael’s last day. Did I go on a parade about it? No. Did I tell the forums I was apart of that I was going to? Yes. Have I stuck to it? Yes. It wasn’t as hard as you would imagine. The show is crap. It’s fine if some people like it. I find it hard to believe that the ratings are truly “up” but if they are, good for them. I will not be a part of it. Not only are the storylines garbage but there is no one left on the show that I care enough about to continue watching. Phylis, Billy and Adam were my favorite characters and they’re all gone. A couple other character I’ve liked are also gone or destroyed. On top of that, I feel that the way the Michael Muhney thing was handled by his former co-workers was atrocious and inexcusable. Whether or not the allegations were true or not, they should have kept their mouth shut and acted like adults. As for General Hospital, I couldn’t wait for Robin to leave. It was the longest, most drawn out departure ever. ByE!

  • richard durango says:

    I am going to have to disagree with your ratings comparisons for Y&R.
    For example, highly discussed Y&R increased total viewers by 188,000 this week (with a 3.6 rating), but over a five-week range, Y&R experienced four-week consecutive negative ratings, for a total five-week decrease in total viewers of 689,000. In addition, this week’s coveted demo for Y&R reported a decrease of 40,000 viewers compared to the same time last year, which has been consistently lower in comparison for the last five weeks.
    The fans have always been negative to some degree especially when they want fans to write in –then proceed to ignore them or their wants. What was the point? Fans are tired of being swept under the carpet.

  • Cathy says:

    RC purposely made Robin look bad. This is Robin who always wanted her child and did everything to get home to her daughter and her husband. Why not make Kimberly recurring and work with her schedule. They were thinking of killing her off this time just so Patrick can move on which is utterly ridiculous. Robin is the character who grew up on GH not Patrick. How about giving fans their happy ever after all this time with Robin, Patrick and Emma going on Robin’s birthday trips. How about Patrick working back home with Robin working away until Kimberly is available again. Patrick needs story not another pairing. Not everyone has to be paired. Kimberly stated she would do both if they work with her. They work with TG and he did nothing for ratings like Robin’s return did. They worked with their OLTL people on OLTL and GH. They work around maternity leaves. And, if they wanted Jason Thompson to stay makes him another character. I also resent using Robin’s daughter to make her look bad and using Emma to prop a newbie nurse. As for Social media it works both ways. How about all the people blocked by RC for not agreeing with him when they were respectful in tweets. Not everyone was mean to him but he was nasty to many. I also will not forget FV and RC calling out Scrub fans in an interview, for their pet newbie who plays Sabrina, for being mean to the actress. First of all not everyone was mean and it was others not just Scrub fans who didn’t like her or were sick of her getting all the story and airtime. Where was RC and FV when the actress who plays Sabrina fans called Kimberly McCullough all the hateful things on twitter and other boards. Why didn’t FV and RC call them out. I am of the intelligence if a show is not making me happy I don’t watch it and certainly not to just to keep it on the air. I rather a good show or no show. Seeing the favoritism with the newbies pets of RC and FV like the Sabrina pet and the OLTL pets, I rather see GH cancelled when it was about GH not now where iT doesn’t even resemble GH. Sometimes it is time to end on the high not like what is happening to GH now where it is not recognizable. The gimmicks and baiting is getting old and played out.

  • Virginia says:

    We have to remember that most viewers are not on Twitter or Facebook and if they are, they are mostly not the ones who are posting angry, stupid things. Those are the few even if, as some say above, they are loudest.

    Also, there are fans who are not necessarily a fan of the soap genre or a show, but of one actor/actress. Those are not true soap fans. I can easily ignore their rantings. People are no more angry, it’s just a minority who are are the loudest and use social media for their junk.

  • Mary Moore Fergen says:

    As a longtime soap fan who will always mourn the loss of AMC and OLTL, I can’t stand seeing the negativity of some viewers. Of course there will sometimes be storylines or characters on our soaps that we don’t care for, but I always find plenty of other things to enjoy each day. I love the soap genre, and I want our remaining shows to stay strong and thriving. I would never threaten to stop watching, because I know what it’s like for my favorite shows to be gone forever.

  • Julie Mock says:

    I watched All My Children for its entire run, not counting the episodes I missed before the VCR. It was the only soap I watched, and, while I liked some characters and “eras” better than others, I never considered not watching it. Maybe social media is partly responsible for off-the-map angry fans, but I think the general decline of soap operas, lower budgets resulting in lower quality, and all the cancelled shows also account for the frustration and lack of loyalty being expressed.
    If you believe what Susan Lucci wrote in her book – and what other AMC actors substantiated about how ABC/Cap Cities treated them and their show at the end, there’s a lot to be angry about. But what really makes me mad is that Prospect Park made a big deal about resurrecting it, and then they didn’t do it, and then they did do it, and then it was on four times a week, and then it was on two times a week, and then is was on hiatus, but definitely coming back, and then…Why oh why did they bother? I think that the lack of regard shown by the networks and other producers of these shows somehow feels personal, as in a lack of regard for the viewer. Yes, I do realize this is irrational but that’s how it feels. Bah Hamburg!

  • Kassie Woo says:

    Just a correction. Robin does take meds. She doesn’t take them on screen (nor use the rest room, eat and many other things they seldom do on screen). But in the past in was talked about in depth that she takes a cocktail of drugs, and many drugs a day.And yes the tree thing was ridiculous as there have been many idiotic writers and story lines. I love Kimberly, but feel that if she does not want to be Robin (and I understand that- she wants to be a director) the character should be recast until such time that she wants to come back. I think it’s an essential character. I would rather see that than patrick divorce her and Emma have to live without her mom. There are probably more negatives now. People seemed compelled to write nasty things about every newspaper article and every thing imaginable. I saw a nasty comments online about a newspaper article about baby pandas. Some people just vent, vent, vent. However, I do feel the storyline was ridiculous. To leave her child, and not be calling her child, is beyond the pale. After reading an interview recently with the GH headwaiter, he does not understand how the audience feels about many of the characters and what those characters would do. The current Sonny storyline has no possible ending the fans will like as it would create a rift forever with his son.


    I have always watched Abc’s soaps. I still watch GH. I refuse to watch anything else on ABC because they killed my favorite soap OLTL along with AMC. GH fans we OLTL fans turned to GH only to start with to keep it on the air. You have been lucky so far cause ABC cares nothing about fans only about money. We fought ABC & caused them a lot of bad publicity. They are sill trying to figure out how they can get rid of GH I think. Be thankful you still have GH. It hurts like HELL when its gone.

  • Michael Grasso says:

    I apologize for the length of my comment! I didn’t mean to go on so long but the more I wrote the more came to mind and then the more I had to write again! If you don’t mind a dissertation, please read on and feel free to comment. Thank you!

    I definitely feel that social media has impacted how fans react to soaps. When I was first introduced to daytime, I was 11 years old and the year was 1991. My aunt would give me the occasional Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly, or Soap Opera Update (she bought them all). When I got to be about 16 she and I started talking more in-depth about the stories. Our show was GH and Jason and Robin were everything. She was the girl with no future and he was the boy with no past. Over the past couple decades, we’ve discussed the stories, the ups, the down, the twists, the turns – and aren’t limited to 140 character questions or critiques. Since joining Twitter and since having attended a few fan events, social media has really connected me to the soap community. In college I’d have to set the VCR, watch my soap after class, and talk to my aunt about it when I was home for break. Now I watch it on Hulu Plus on my iPad. When something intriguing or funny happens, I’ll pause it, take a screen shot, and I can tweet it to my followers and sometimes we’ll engage in conversation. It’s so great because now we can tweet at the actors too and get them involved. Jen Lilley from Days, for instance, is phenomenal with her fans on Twitter.

    Unfortunately, not all social media is used in this way. We’re in a fast paced world. We crave immediacy. We’ve lost our attention spans. We feel entitled and think we deserve things or that we are owed things. As the world has gotten quicker, the pace of the shows has been sped up, and the story arcs have gotten shorter in what may be an attempt to hold people’s attention or get them to experience a quicker payoff. I get it. I do. But the thoughtful critiques and constructive criticism of yesterday are nowhere to be found and so many people are mean and rude from the comfort of the internet’s anonymity.

    People seem to want their show their way or else. That just doesn’t make sense. I am not a writer! I can’t trust myself! We have to trust the writers and have faith in their vision. They know better than us because they know what lies ahead when we don’t. For instance, with Lulu and Dante’s baby – when the truth about Maxie came out, I thought that’s it, story’s over. But, nope, that portion was over but we still had the whole storyline with Britt. And then when Elizabeth was on to Britt, I though, oh no, she’s done now. Nope! We discovered Dante was the father but Lulu remained in the dark. This story has gone on for well over a year because there have been a series of story arcs within it. Fantastic! Us fans want that payoff. We live for it. We watch for it. When it happens, there are no words! We want it so bad that we want it all the time. But you know what? If we all got what we wanted, there’d be no reason to tune in tomorrow. It’s the writer’s job to give us what we want every now and then, but mostly to give us what we need to hang along for the ride. We have to accept that characters, even our favorites, will sometimes do things we don’t agree with. That’s okay. That’s life. Is not a reason to quit watching!

    I will say that no fan truly means to be unsupportive. Everyone has their favorite show, their favorite family, their favorite character. People will naturally vent, critique, argue, etc. The difference is now we do it in a public forum to strangers. Our conversation skills are often lost. Our manners are often lost. It can resort to online bullying on occasion and that’s not cool. Actors have a job to do. And actors are not writers. I have no problem tweeting an actor to compliment them or praise their storyline. But if I’m not feeling a storyline or I don’t think the actor did a great job, that is not my place to call them out publicly. It makes me crazy when fans feel they can speak disrespectfully to the people that bring us our shows. Ron Carlivati, the HW for GH, is on Twitter and that is a blessing. The old regime at GH was removed from the fans, or at least came off that way. Ron loves good feedback and constructive criticism. But the things some people will tweet him are just plain mean. In a lot of instances, it seems that we have lost the art of communication.

    I think there are a couple of reasons things get vicious. One is that we are back down to only four network soaps. No one wants theirs canceled. And everyone thinks their opinions are the right opinions for the show. We are more sensitive about our shows now and we are more defensive. Part of this is due to ratings. If you ask the fans, good story will propel the ratings. If you write it, they will come, right? Sometimes other things must happen from a production side. Budgets must be tightened, stunt casting might be needed, poor storylines may have to be dropped immediately. Sometimes decisions are made from the inside that those of us on the outside don’t understand. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s when tempers flare and negativity spreads like wildfire.

    I think another reason for the negativity is that it’s a lot harder to be a soap fan these days than it used to be. When I was a kid, Fox wasn’t even a network. We had only three prime time networks. The options for TV viewing was finite. Now there is cable and there are hundreds upon hundreds of options. And where soap schedules have stayed the same (5 days a week, 52 weeks a year), network television shows have seen their seasons shrink from 35 down to 18-22 episodes a season. And when you bring in cable, they’ve managed to create even shorter seasons of 10-15 episodes a season. Anyway you slice it, it takes time to keep up with a soap. It makes sense that if it’s not going the direction you’d like or your favorite actor leaves that you’d threaten to throw in the towel. But at this point it comes down to choice. I’ve eschewed a lot of prime time programming. I do American Horror Story. I do the new Dallas. And I do American Idol. That’s really it. I’m tired of giving promising shows a chance only to have them get canceled after one season or even after just a couple of episodes. Honestly, I’d rather devote my TV time to GH or Days – shows that I’ve grown up with. There’s something special about that, something magical. It might not be the choice for everyone but it’s the choice for me.

    Don’t get me wrong. When Becky Herbst was let go a few years ago, heads were going to roll! Thankfully, that decision was reconsidered and she was retained. We weren’t so lucky with Kelly Sullivan. To this day, there’s an absence on GH since her character was killed off. She was one of my two favorite characters so watching her leave was hard. The show recovered though. I was reminded that it had been on the air for decades before her and could possibly on the air for decades after her. It’s just the nature of the business. Never did I threaten to quit watching or leave though. There’s enough drama on screen between mob wars, botched paternity tests, fake diseases, and all the lying, cheating, and stealing! It’d be nice if we as fans could rise above the drama and be kind. We don’t have to agree but we don’t have to be mean.

    Soaps are like life – not everything goes how we would want it to at times. But if they can make us laugh, make us cry, and make us think, we’ll keep tuning in tomorrow to enjoy the ride. It was Agnes Nixon who taught us that.

    • moshane58 says:

      Great reply…two thumbs up…I loved Kelly Sullivan too and really hurt they killed her off. But still watching GH…

      • Michael Grasso says:

        Thank you so much! These recent episodes where AJ envisisions Connie in the graveyard were so cool. It really shows she is missed I think! I got to meet Kelly Sullivan on two separate occasions and she is a real sweetheart too. I hope another show snatches her up!

  • Jenn says:

    I think there have always been angry soap fans but I think that number is a lot smaller than it appears to be on twitter. The soaps are all doing really well ratings wise as you have pointed out. This makes me lean to believing that the really nasty soap “fans” are few but loud.

    The few but loud should be ignored in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but there is never any need to be vulgar and demanding. There is nothing more annoying then someone being disrespectful to actors, creatives, and other fans.

    I do also think that sadly it’s not just the fans either. Recently a former EP of a shelved soap, thanked a fan on twitter after that fan had viscously attacked the writer and fans of another show. And I can think of one particular actress who will only interact with fans who belittle her former colleagues. Very tacky and unprofessional. This just encourages the bad behavior of fans online.

    I’m glad the block button exists.

  • Anne says:

    I’m not angry that Kimberly left; I’m angry about how she was written out. I’m sorry, but after being away from her family for two years, and wanting to have a child so badly, I don’t buy that she’s going away from Emma to take care of Jason. I knew Robin needed to leave, but I would have been more interested in watching if Robert needed her for some reason, and she decided to take Emma with her. I’m just incensed that Robin would leave her daughter behind. And yeah, I get that GH wants to keep Brooklyn; these are never easy decisions. So what you’re left with is a story that makes no sense, especially to long-time viewers who know how much Robin wanted to have a child.

    I don’t think that people are angrier now then they’ve ever been, but given media that allows them to vent more often, you will see the anger as well as the joy. And I think that because people are so passionate about the soaps, and almost take things personally, the frustration about storylines that go awry can spill over to Twitter and other message boards. Plus, look what soaps viewers have had to deal with over the past 10 years! So many soaps going off the air, and executives not caring about (and often completely underestimating) the incredibly loyal soap fanbase. It’s incredibly sad, and I think people are expressing their sadness, frustration, and anger about what’s happening to the medium, as a whole.

  • moshane58 says:

    After losing my favorite soap AMC I have learn to apprentice what we have left. We are not going to like everything every day but at least its still on and back them. you never know how it feels until its gone. Loving GH and have no complaint. The minor things are not worth gripping over. Just keep showing it and i’ll watch..

  • Christine Tisone says:

    Back in the 80’s when soaps were awesome, we had no social media. I set my VCR everyday, knowing that Jack and Jennifer were most likely only on, every other day…..unless is was Cruise of Deception…..then every day, baby! We got a teaser at the end of each epi, and I knew if J&J would be on the next day.

    Long story short, I started watching soaps as a kid. I followed, SFT, EON, OLTL, AMC, GH, DOOL, SB, Loving, RH. BUT, I’m a Jack Deveraux fan….he’s my reason that I keep up with Days, in hope that they bring Matthew Ashford back.

    Bottom line…..TPTB jut don’t write for the viewers. They write for their own egos. I think that they LIKE to piss off viewers. I haven’t watched a soap regularly since 1993……there are a lot like me, we quit when you piss us off……and they do not care…..even thought the entire genre is almost extinct.

  • Jennifer Seghers says:

    I’ve read some letters in old soap magazines that lead me to conclude that some fans have always been angry.

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